Honor our martyrs in Bicol and denounce the fascist massacre
July 19, 2013

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The revolutionary forces and masses in Eastern Visayas salute the fallen comrades who were martyred last July 4 in Juban, Sorsogon: Ka Greg Bañares (Frankie Joe Soriano), Ka Miloy (Pehing Hipa), Ka Nel (Christine Puche), Ka Gary (Ted Palacio), Ka Rey (David Llunar), Ka Nene (Romero Añonuevo), Ka Jay (William Villanueva, Jr.), and Ka Kevin (Ailyn Calma). Ka Greg Bañares was the spokesperson of NDFP-Bicol while his comrades were also highly regarded and well-loved by the people as cadres of the revolutionary movement.

We praise them to the highest and for all time for serving the people to the very end as revolutionary fighters. The heroism of their final sacrifice highlight the meaning of their lives dedicated to the struggle for the just cause of national and social liberation. That is why even though we grieve for them, we also exclaim: What fine sons and daughters of the people!

The eight martyrs of Juban sprung from different social background but came together to dedicate themselves to the people as well as their sense of patriotic duty. Nowhere else except in the revolutionary movement can we find the peasants, professionals, youth and women united in taking up arms and fighting for the lofty aims of national freedom and democracy. They uplift us and the path they have blazed in meaningful fashion beckon to many others .

On the other hand, we condemn the massacre committed by the fascist troops of the US-Aquino regime as a crime against the Comprehensive Agreement on Respect for Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law. Ka Greg, Ka Nel and Ka Gary were no longer armed when they were captured and shot multiple times; all the eight martyrs in Juban were also shot in the head even when they were already incapacitated. After refusing to continue the peace talks with the NDFP to discuss socio-economic refoms and get to the roots of the civil war, the US-Aquino regime reveals itself as a wolf in sheep’s clothing by unleashing the total war of Oplan Bayanihan against the people. Noynoy Aquino is now hell-bent on letting his fascist forces continue and commit even more human rights violations against the people who are struggling for land, jobs, national sovereignty, national patrimony and other basic changes.

The US -Aquino regime’s belligerent refusal to resume peace negotiations with the NDFP does not mean the casting away of the binding agreement of the CARHRIHL. The New People’s Army is guided not only by the CARHRIHL and the laws of war recognized by civilized countries, but even more so by revolutionary principles about taking the side of the people and fighting fiercely but rendering lenient treatment to enemy troops who are captured or no longer able to fight.

As the Juban massacre shows, the revolutionary principles we hold firmly differentiate us from the enemy. We will surely become stronger in the revolutionary struggle, and the exploiters and oppressors of the people will surely weaken and fall from their heights. The eight martyrs of Juban live on as we continue the just cause of the people’s war.#

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