NDF-EV sends ultimatum to Daza camp over impunity in Northern Samar
May 04, 2013

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The National Democratic Front-Eastern Visayas condemns the attempted assassination last May 2 of Jose Ardales, the incumbent mayor running for reelection in Victoria, Northern Samar and an opponent of the Daza political dynasty in the province. While the People’s Democratic Government is still investigating the issue, it is clear that the victim is staunchly opposed to the Dazas and is currently undergoing political harassment by them. The attempted assassination is also another mark on the long list of extrajudicial killings and other acts of political violence in the province, which the Dazas are accused of being behind to protect their political and criminal interests.

The NDF-EV is thus sending an ultimatum to the Daza political camp to abide by the guidelines of the People’s Democratic Government on the reactionary elections, specifically the prohibition of armed violence against political rivals and the people, as well as of widespread cheating. Congressman Raul Daza and his son Gov. Paul Daza should be mindful that they are already being investigated by the revolutionary justice system for plunder, widespread corruption, criminality, and impunity for extrajudicial killings and other human rights violations. It will not matter whether they win or lose in the elections; they will surely undergo due process and be made to account before the people’s court.

The NDF-EV also slams Gov. Daza for making provocative statements against the revolutionary movement in support of the Aquino regime’s ditching of the peace process with the NDFP. Even though he has not even secured his reelection, Gov. Daza is already boasting of securing P50 million for “peace and prosperity roads” that are really meant for the “counterinsurgency” operations of the 8th Infantry Division. This means expressing full support for the Aquino regime’s unilateral ending of peace talks with the NDFP and gunning for all-out war through the Oplan Bayanihan of the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

Therefore, the NDF-EV reminds the Dazas of the gravity of the charges against them. The burden is on the Dazas to refrain from brazen acts against the people and the revolution, and to show as well their accountability and willingness to reform. But if they continue to show impunity, they will only give just cause for the People’s Democratic Government to act with appropriate measures to speedily bring them to revolutionary justice.

All candidates in the reactionary elections are enjoined to respect the guidelines of the People’s Democratic Government that have been made clear to them. They should not use goons or state security forces to terrorize the people. They should not bribe or cheat to corrupt and divide the people. They will be made to account before the people if they fail to do so.#

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