Kadre Security Agency: Armed anti-peasant overlords
February 22, 2013

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The rabid counterrevolutionary Pastor Alcover can hardly contain his temper after the NPA’s swift attack against Del Monte in Camp Phillips, Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon. His Kadre Security Agency has been at the service of this company for several decades now. His security guards manning the main gate of the compound were caught flat-footed, overwhelmed by the NPA attacking force without difficulty. One was killed on the spot while two others were wounded. The proof of patent incompetence of his battalion-size security forces armed with high-powered firearms in defending the multinational agribusiness company whose interests they are serving is unmistakable. Their putting up of a fight proved futile against the superior attacking revolutionary force.

In reality, Kadre security guards are only good at harassing ordinary workers and civilians living near or routinely passing by the Del Monte plantation. Aside from their task of guarding the plantation, they actively engage in counterrevolutionary witchhunting. They pose as powerful overlords in intruding into the homes of peasants neighboring the plantation, as well as the seasonal contractual pineapple plantation workers. They arbitrarily require these peasants and workers to report anything suspicious and were threatened of dismissal from work or eviction from their residence should they be caught offering their hospitality to NPA fighters. They indiscriminately arrest and imprison civilian passersby who they suspect of stealing pineapples, and in an extreme case, even shot someone who was caught defecating near the plantation road.

Their atrocious acts contradict most accurately the meaning of ANAD, Alcover’s fake partylist. It is not genuinely nationalist, but pro-imperialist; and certainly not democratic, but autocratic and despotic in words and in deeds. Thus, the poor greatly detest Alcover’s Kadre security agency.

Now, no amount of Alcover’s anti-communist rantings against the revolutionary movement can obscure his agency’s disgraceful failure in providing security to the plantations they are guarding in return for the millions of pesos Del Monte pays them. Even with his bureaucratic corruption and in enriching himself for defending big companies, his security guards’ salaries have become irregular lately. In fact, many of them are already seeking employment in other agencies. Under such circumstances, he inadvertently exposes his personal motives under the cover of anti-communism.

In relation to this, we warn all companies, big or small, that by engaging the services of Alcover’s counterrevolutionary Kadre Security Agency, they become targets of the NPA. We also encourage the good men in Alcover’s organization to leave the Kadre Security Agency and seek employment in other agencies with a virtuous orientation.