NPA Seizes Four Arms in Valencia City, Bukidnon
November 17, 2012

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November 15, at around 6 :30 in the morning— A platoon of the New People’s Army successfully raided the residence of a heinous criminal leader and active asset of the Armed Forces of the Philippines in Sityo Kibalaog, Brgy. Lilingayon, Valencia City, Bukidnon. Conrado Zulita was killed in the incident. The NPA unit seized one garand rifle, a carbine, a .45 pistol, a .38 revolver, three rifle grenades, bullets, clips and magazines.

Zulita’s group has long been detested by the people. He masterminded a string of murder and robbery cases in Lilingayon since August 2002. Several murder victims were his former cohorts who opted to quit from his group. Not even a single family member of his victims dared to file charges in the reactionary state for fearing his threats and violent reprisal.

The said group is also notorious in cattle rustling, planting and selling of marijuana, harassment, and abusing physically those opposed to his local political patron. His house stands as a barracks with six armed men always on guard and with surrounding fortifications. They also set up illegally a boom across the road and do searches and inspection on the people and vehicles passing, usurping barangay authority in order to bottle up his political opponents and suspicious looking outsiders. He poses like an unchallenged local tyrant ruling self-assuredly in the locality since he is the point man of City Mayor Catarata and enjoys the latter’s full backing, as well as some members of the local police, and the 8th Infantry Battalion.

Aside from the anti-people deeds of Zulita, his is likewise active in pursuing the revolutionary movement. Last July 2012, he and his men led the operating troops of the 8th IB to assault the NPA unit doing its political work in Lilingayon that time.

The families of Zulita’s victims have long been crying for justice for the lives of their loved ones and for the indemnification of their lost properties. Also, the residents have been clamoring for the end of the evils and terror brought by the group.

Nurturing bandit groups is fast becoming a practice among the anti-people politicians and military officials in Bukidnon in order to prop up their personal and political ambitions. Zulita’s group is just one of the many counter-revolutionary bandit groups like the Delamance’s and the NIPAR of Butsoy Salusad cuddled by the local ruling classes sowing terrorism in the locality.

It is only through the joint effort of the people and their genuine army, the New People’s Army, that we can gradually implement revolutionary steps of dismantling these groups and for the people to settle scores with those who have blood debts. But it is only through the victory of the democratic revolution and the establishment of the people’s true government that we can achieve genuine justice and equality for all the oppressed and exploited. ###