NDF-NEMR strongly condemns martial law in Maguindanao

December 09, 2009

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As we strongly condemn the massacre by the Ampatuan warlords, we also strongly condemn the declaration of Martial Law in Maguindanao. This action will not serve the interest of justice but of the Ampatuan warlords and its master the US-Arroyo regime who intends to:

First, said Martial Law declaration deprive the mass media and the public from directly monitoring the ongoing investigation and related issues. By this the possibility that the cornered Ampatuans will expose the role of the AFP and Malacañang in the illegal establishment of Ampatuan’s private army and the maneuvers to push GMA’s victory in the past presidential election, will be prevented.

Second, the Martial Law declaration based on a rebellion case will diminish the seriousness of the crime and make easy the Ampatuans’ criminal defence. The massacre of 57 innocent civilians merit grave punishment, which will be diminished if said crime will be made part of the rebellion case. It is however clear that the killing of 57 civilians have nothing to do with rebellion. Those killed were not armed forces or officials of the government. The arming of the Ampatuan warlords is not a basis of rebellion because the AFP and Malacañang themselves clearly and secretly armed the Ampatuan warlords to pit against the struggling Moro people and commit election fraud.

With the rebellion case, the Ampatuan warlords can easily evade their crimes, as mass murder will be put under rebellion, according to the law on rebellion cases, they will no longer be liable for mass murder. The Ampatuans will also find it easy to rationalize that their private army is part of the AFP forces, CAFGUs and CAAs. And because there is no strong basis that they were rising against the government, the court will eventually dismiss the case and the barbaric and violent Ampatuan warlords will evade punishment for their crimes.

The rebellion case depicts the Ampatuan warlords in struggle with a political ideology, in truth they are simply barbaric, terrorists and common criminals. As opposed from this, it has been the regime’s practice to file cases of common crimes against the true revolutionaries.

Third, Martial Law is meant to end the Moro people’s struggle. There are but a few Ampatuna warlords and their minions compared to the millions of people victimized by the repressive martial law. Under Martial Law, the media can no longer monitor victims of military abuse, especially those who struggle for self-determination.

Fourth, the Maguindanao Massacre and the declaration of Martial Law in said province will become the basis for the declaration of Martial Law in the country so Arroyo and her underlings will remain in the seat of power.

Fifth, through Martial Law in Maguindanao, the victory of the administration’s candidates will be ensured.

Under the US-Arroyo regime, no justice will be achieved by the victims of the massacre and the more than a thousand victims of extra-judicial killings in the country since GMA sat in power. The master of the criminal Ampatuans and mother of extra-judicial killings in the country will never give justice to the victims of the Ampatuan Massacre.

GMA’s creation of a commission to disband private armies in the country is a big joke. GMA’s close allies are politicians, drug lords, kidnap-for-ransom, guns-for-hire and other syndicates with private armies. This is just another way to disarm and repress the opposition and ensure that the allies of GMA will win in the coming elections through terrorism. Above all, the AFP along with the CAFGU and CAA is the biggest private army paid for with taxpayers’ money but serving the interests of the US-Arroyo regime and her allies.

The people must unite and oppose Martial Law of the US-Arroyo regime!