Gen Ibrado is daydreaming and Col Guinid is running out of gimmicks

May 07, 2009

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Ka Nilo Magtanggol, spokesman of the Roger Mahinay Command of NPA Southwest Front describes the statements of Gen Ibrado and Col Guinid against the revolutionary movement as an old broken record.

“The media blitz of surrenderees who are mostly fake initiated by the 61st IB PA, the series of declarations that 75% of the NPA has been neutralized, the used of LGU funds for psywar operations labeled as ‘Magdalo’, local mass meetings the military called ‘Peace Seminars’ “all of these are pure lies and gimicks by military officials for their promotions and to dip their dirty fingers on the billions of pesos counter-insurgency funds,” Ka Magtanggol said.

“The daydreaming and panicking military officials gulped when the NPA attacked the Globe cell site last March 26 at Sityo Can-araw, Brgy Camindangan, Sipalay City. Globe is active in monitoring communications of the revolutionary forces and the people for the use of the military. This was followed by a sniping operation by a unit of the NPA against 61st IB troopers last April 8 in Sitio Buswang, Masaling Cauayan that resulted to two KIAs (one is a certain PFC Manilingan) and one WIA,” Ka Magtanggol added.

To cover up for their shame, Col Guinid released a funny statement that the death of PFC Manilingan is due to “drunkeness” and the burning of the Globe facility is the result of the mis-understanding between Globe and the farmers in the area.

“Despite the continous military operations since 2008, the military failed to hit the NPA units in the CHICKS area because of the NPA’s creative application of the guerrila mode of operation and warfare and above all because of the wide support of the masses.”

“On the other hand because the AFP is a mercenary army protecting the interests of big foreign mining corporations and big landlords, they are instruments of landgrabbing against the poor peasants, dislocation of the livelihood of the people and destruction of the environment and in implementing a fascist military campaign of suppression against the poor masses.”

Ka Magtanggol pinpointed the use of the military of public places like barangay halls, schools and markets and now even homes of civilians as their barracks. The military use the civilian people as human shields by accompanying them in their vehicles or utilizing them in their operations. These are clear violations of the Protocols of War and the International Humanitarian Law.

“Because their deadline of ending the revolutionary movement in 2010 is near and the orders of Gen Ibrado that the AFP will do all that it can to reach the deadline, the ongoing military operation will be more ferocious and more human rights violations in the CHICKS area will be expected,” Ka Magtanggol said.

“The fascist nature and campaigns of the AFP now called Oplan Bantay Laya 2 under a fake and puppet Arroyo regime will light up the torch of the launching of more tactical offensives by the NPA and the entry of more volunteer recruits for the Red Army. The use of modern weapons by the AFP supplied by US imperialism paid by the taxes extracted by a corrupt Arroyo regime from the people especially the poor peasants will surely end up in the arsenals of the NPA.”