Maj. Noel Buan is a liar

April 08, 2002

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Maj. Noel Buan’s statements published in the Philippine Daily Inquirer on April 6, 2002 are replete with distortions and prevarication. They are part of a highly malicious campaign to malign the integrity of the New People’s Army and the revolutionary movement.

We expect Major Buan to become even more loquacious now that he has been assigned chief of the Special Affairs Group, the Philippine Army’s psywar outfit specializing in manufacturing tales and intrigues against the revolutionary movement.

Major Buan is trying to build his credibility by portraying himself as a very able spy, which is farthest from the truth. In the entrapment operation designed by the NPA to capture Major Buan, he was told that Comrade Tirso “Ka Bart” Alcantara wanted to talk to him to arrange for his surrender. Major Buan readily believed this and agreed to enter a guerrilla zone, where he was easily captured by the NPA on July 7, 1999.

Buan brags: “Give me one month with a rebel and I will be able to convince him to leave the movement”. He had two years to do this and he couldn’t even convince the NPA custodial force that held him to surrender. In fact, he would not even converse properly when he was a prisoner of war of the NPA. He would always isolate himself and would answer us rudely and make absurd statements whenever there were attempts to talk to him.

Neither was it true that he tried to convince me to surrender when we had a chance to face each other before his release. He did not even want to talk to me.

If Buan lied about himself, he tells an even bigger lie about the revolutionary movement.

Buan probably still finds it difficult to accept the fact that he was outwitted by the person whose entrapment and surrender he had sought. Thus he is now sowing intrigues against Ka Bart and trying to create conflict between the NPA fighters and the Party and NPA leadership.

In an unspeakably malicious manner, Buan insinuates that Ka Bart had something to do with Comrade Armando Teng’s death on November 7, 2000. Comrade Teng died of kidney failure after years of suffering from a kidney ailment. But according to Buan’s story, Comrade Teng was poisoned. He sows intrigues that Ka Bart had coveted Comrade Teng’s position as Secretary of the Regional Party Committee in Southern Tagalog.

Buan would like the public to believe that the cadres and members of the revolutionary movement are no different from reactionary military and civilian officials who sow intrigues, maneuver, kill and commit other crimes to acquire the privileges that come with high positions.

He also fabricates issues such as the supposed unequal rationing of cigarettes to blur the fact that all the revolutionary forces are firmly united on the Party’s policies and programs. He is desperately trying to show that the gross inequality between the exploiting classes and the toiling masses or the vast disparity between the enormous ill-gotten wealth of big bureaucrats and top military officials he loyally serves and the measly wages and incomes of workers and peasants he despises likewise exists within the revolutionary movement.

The sudden issuance of Major Buan’s statements is part of the intensifying US-orchestrated vilification campaign against the Party, NPA and revolutionary movement. The Philippine Army Special Affairs Group directly coordinates with and in fact receives instructions from operators of the Central Intellgience Agency (CIA). The people should be forewarned about other poisons that Major Buan may spit out.