NPA posts significant gains in North Central Mindanao Region

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The revolutionary movement in North Central Mindanao Region celebrated the 44th founding anniversary of the New People’s Army (NPA) flushed with victories. Due to the NPA Red fighters’ strict observance of the Party’s leadership, they were able to gain the people’s ardent participation and support, which served as the bases for their gains, said Norsem Mangubat, spokesperson of the Regional Committee of the Communist Party of the Philippines.

NPA Red fighters in the region launched 83 tactical offensives from 2012 up to the first quarter of this year. Among the most notable tactical offensives were the simultaneous and coordinated attacks on the Del Monte and Dole companies, both in Bukidnon where several NPA units were mobilized on a wide scale. Red fighters also raided the Earthsaver Security Agency in Butuan City where 59 high-powered rifles (46 AK47s, three M14s and ten automatic shotguns) were seized. More than a hundred enemy troops were killed and 68 wounded in gunbattles. Up to 139 firearms of various caliber were seized by the Red fighters, arming more than a company of NPA fighters and people’s militia. Eight punitive actions were launched against the continued expansion of multinational agribusinesses.

Conservatism was gradually overcome. After an assessment and self-criticism, the NPA in the region was able to launch a correct combination of attritive and annihilative tactical offensives.

The revolutionary forces’ efforts to catch up with the island’s relatively more advanced regions and assist other regions being subjected to concentrated enemy attacks bore fruit.

The conduct of the people’s war was provided correct direction so that the region’s leading cities could be reached effectively by the revolutionary movement’s influence.

The NPA was able to maintain its offensive stance and was therefore able to wage active resistance even during defensive actions and inflict casualties on attacking AFP-CAFGU troops.

Thousands of families benefited from gains in implementing the minimum program of agrarian revolution. The mass base expanded by 34%.

There was a 7% increase in the number of full-time forces, with the number growing by 36% in the newly formed platoons. Party membership expanded by 21%, and Party education flourished. The membership of people’s militias grew by 25%. The militia units actively performed their duties in directly participating in military actions.

The Regional Military Conference was successfully convened, summing up ten years of military work and clarifying tasks in raising the level of people’s war towards the strategic stalemate in the next several years. On the other hand, the Regional and Sub-regional Command Conference united on coordinatedly raising the level of military work in North Central Mindanao.