Victories in the Ilocos-Cordillera Region

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The revolutionary movement in the Ilocos-Cordillera Region achieved significant gains despite the US-Aquino regime’s more vicious counterrevolutionary war and the limitations, weaknesses and errors experienced by the revolutionary forces in the region.

The Regional Party Committee remains intact and able to lead as the regional party organization continues to expand. The guerrilla fronts have been able to persevere in the task of expanding and consolidating the revolutionary mass organizations. The Party and the people’s army in the region have learned valuable lessons from having sustained military and political setbacks in the past and have been rectifying their errors.

The New People’s Army in the region was able to launch victorious successful offensives, particularly in the second quarter of 2012. Its most outstanding tactical offensive was an ambush on 86th IB troops that killed 11 military forces, including a captain. It also seized four M16 rifles and a Squad Automatic Rifle, and damaged two six-by-six trucks.

The majority of guerrilla front committees have remained intact and have expanded, as have the guerrilla front and forces led by the people’s army. This is despite the bigger presence and intensified attacks of six battalions from the 5th and 7th ID supported by six PNP battalions and several CAFGU companies. The revolutionary forces have accomplished their political tasks, including expanding and opening new guerrilla zones. The mass movement in the cities continues to develop and has been able to send cadres and forces to perform tasks in the countryside and guerrilla fronts.

There are likewise continuing efforts to raise the momentum and achieve better coordination of mass struggles within the guerrilla fronts as well as in the cities and town centers of Cordillera on the issues of defending ancestral lands and resisting destructive and plunderous projects such as megadams and geothermal plants as well as widespread and large-scale mining.

Peasant struggles have regained the momentum both in the guerrilla zones and white areas of the Ilocos subregion despite the disruptions caused by the enemy on the mass work being conducted by the people’s army and the democratic forces.