3,000 attend Party celebration in Northern Samar

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More than 3,000 people gathered on December 26 in a remote area of Northern Samar to celebrate the 44th anniversary of the reestablishment of the Communist Party of the Philippines.

They walked for two days, climbed steep mountains and crossed overflowing rivers to reach the site of the celebration.

The strong rains failed to dampen the joyous occasion. Red fighters under the Rodante Urtal Command ensured the safety of the attendees against attacks by the military and police who were expected to violate the ceasefire and launch operations.

The celebration’s theme was “Overcome the obstacles and complete the requisites for advancing towards the strategic stalemate.” National Democratic Front-Eastern Visayas spokesperson Fr. Santiago Salas hailed the leading role of the revolutionary forces and masses in Northern Samar in advancing people’s war in the region. In the Eastern Visayas revolutionary leadership’s continuing effort to achieve a comprehensive advance, victories have been attained in the fields of armed struggle, Party building and agrarian revolution. Antifeudal struggles continue to be launched in three subregions, one of which has succeeded in launching agrarian revolution at the municipal level.

The Party’s membership continues to grow. Since 2010, a number of guerrilla fronts have achieved company-size NPA formations. Others have been able to add more platoons to their guerrilla formations.

Fulltime guerrilla units grew by 13%, even as tactical offensives have ensured that new recruits are armed with high-powered rifles.

In 2012, partial reports indicate that NPA units were able to launch 24 tactical offensives, seize 17 firearms, kill 71 enemy elements and wound 31.

After Fr. Salas’ speech, various cultural presentations were staged until the morning of December 27. Among the presentations was the ismayling, where two or more persons would outdo each other through impromptu singing. Also featured were skits, dances, poetry reading and other art forms.