Victorious NPA Offensives

NPA-Leyte launches 2 harassment operations

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The Mt. Amandewin Command (NPA-Leyte) confirmed conducting two simultaneous harassment operations in Albuera and Jaro towns in Leyte on December 6. The NPA harassed the 78th IB Alpha Coy detachment at around 8 p.m., killing eight soldiers. A civilian was wounded in the foot when the troopers indiscriminately fired their weapons all night even after the NPA had withdrawn.

Meanwhile in nearby Barangay Rubas, Jaro town, the NPA ambushed 19th IB troops conducting operations, killing two soldiers and wounding five others.

In Batangas, the NPA Eduardo Dagli Command seized an M16, an M1 carbine and two cal .45 pistols without firing a single shot. The guerrillas raided a chicken and hog farm owned by Barangay Captain Boy Esguerra and his right hand man Teofilo Alonso in Utod village, Nasugbu.

The Red fighters disarmed the despotic businessman and his abusive aide because they oppressed the locals. The chicken and hog farm was built even if the people opposed it due to the pollution it would cause. Esguerra and Alonso would also beat up the locals, train their guns at them at file major charges against them for minor infractions. Esguerra and his aide are also active military assets, monitoring the movements of the masses and the NPA in the village.

In Capiz, a soldier was killed and another wounded in a sniping operation by a unit under the NPA Jose Percival Estocada Jr. Command based in central Panay on the 61st IB Peace and Development Team in Barangay Acuña, Tapaz on November 29.