Military camps in Davao City told to pull out

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The Davao City Council has ordered the military to pull out its camps from civilian communities within the city. The order was contained in a resolution passed during a special session on November 9.

The resolution aims to prevent civilians from being caught in the crossfire during clashes between government soldiers and the New People’s Army (NPA). A city councilor himself saw how the military was using the second storey of a barangay hall as a detachment while the ground floor served as a daycare center.

The council said the situation was disturbing as civilians might be hit any time during clashes.

The resolution was a response to longstanding demands by human rights advocacy groups and other entities for the immediate pullout of the military from the city, particularly from Paquibato District, where the AFP has committed many crimes and human rights violations.

The city council also called on the military to transfer its detachments and not to use civilian structures such as daycare centers and health centers for military purposes. It warned the military not to add any more detachments or any military structures near schools and population centers.