Fascist State on a Rampage

Aquino is a hypocrite on the issue of human rights

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Benigno Aquino III pulled a big swindle on the international community when he supported the ASEAN Human Rights Declaration during the 21st ASEAN Summit in Phnom Penh, Cambodia on November 20. He acted as if his regime had great concern for human rights, when serious human rights violations committed by its security forces go on unabated.

Juvy Capion and her two children who were massacred by the military in Tampakan, South Cotabato in October have yet to be given justice. On top of this, the military beheaded a barangay official in Albay this November and abducted a tribal teacher and five other civilians in Rizal.

Albay. Elements of the 2nd IB murdered Ely Oguis, a village councilor of Barangay Cabaluaon, Guinobatan on the night of November 11. Oguis was tortured first before being killed. He had his ears cut off, was decapitated and his head buried in the mud.

To cover up the barangay official’s brutal and inhuman death, the military immediately put the blame for the crime on the NPA. Said NDF-Bicol spokesperson Ka Greg Bañares, 2nd IB Civil-Military Operations chief Maj. Narzan Obuyes is good at manufacturing lies.

Before the killing, Oguis was in a drinking spree with soldiers of the 2nd IB.

Bañares said there was no encounter on the night Oguis was killed and the shots heard by the villagers were those fired by the military at the victim. No NPA unit attacked the military troops, contrary to the claims made by the 2nd IB official.

Since August 2011, 2nd IB officers have been confronting Oguis several times and accusing him of supporting the revolutionary movement.

Meanwhile, on November 1, soldiers of the 2nd IB shot and killed Dante Osma in Barangay Sinungtan, Guinobatan. The soldiers killed Osma at around 6 p.m. in front of his house, some 300 meters away from the barracks of the 2nd IB Peace and Development Team.

Samar. Five peasants were arrested by combined elements of the 43rd IB and the Philippine National Police in Barangay Camhumawid, Gandara town. They were accused by the military of owning five pistols, a grenade, explosive devices and backpacks. The five civilians are now being held at the Gandara Municipal Police Station.

Rizal. Troops from the 16th and 59th IB abducted Lanie La-tuga, a teacher of Dumagat children and five others. They were taken at Sitio Uron, Puray, Rodriguez town after an NPA ambush on the military in the area.

Since the teacher and her five companions were abducted, they have not been surfaced by the military. They were captured on suspicion of being NPA supporters.

Compostela Valley. Soldiers and CAFGU elements under the 66th IB beat up a 19-year old youth.

At around 6 a.m. on November 5, the victim was approached in their house in San Isidro town by 11 soldiers from the 66th IB who accused him of being an NPA member. The military beat him up when he denied the accusation. He was also forced to eat raw fish and drink water that tasted like rust.

The victim was able to escape after crying out for help from his mother.

Cordillera. The 86th IB included in its “hit-list” 28 civilians, all residents of Tinoc and Asipulo towns in Ifugao province. This was disclosed by the Cordillera Human Rights Alliance (CHRA) during a news conference it called on November 8. The CHRA was able to obtain a photocopy of an AFP document and circulated it during the news conference. It bore the 86th IB and 5th ID logos and listed the names of 28 individuals with their complete addresses, organizational affiliations and alleged relationship with the NPA.

The CHRA said that the civilians on the list have in fact been implementing programs on human rights, sustainable agriculture and socio-economic projects in the communities.

Beside the civilians’ names were allegations that they are supporters of the NPA, give food to the NPA, give shelter to the NPA and stored the NPA’s guns. CHRA chair Jude Baggo who was 22nd on the list was alleged to the “brains of the NPA.”