Akbayan is Aquino’s puppet

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The US-Aquino regime’s all-out support for Akbayan comes as no suprise after the public disclosure of reports on the sources of the partylist group’s campaign contributions in 2010. The Akbayan group reportedly received more than P112 million, most of which came from the Aquino family and big businessmen, landlords and personalities known to be close to and supportive of the Aquinos.

Akbayan’s biggest contributors are the Aquino sisters Kris (P10 million), Victoria (P5 million) and Aurora [“Ballsy”] (P2 million). Aquino’s cousins from the Lopa family also contributed (P1 million). Also counted among the contributors are Aquino regime officials like Philippine Charity Sweepstakes head Margarita Juico (P1 million) and Francis Hernando (P1 million), a high-ranking Pagcor official.

Big comprador bourgeosie like Bansan Choa, Ben Tiu and Ruben Tiu (owners of the Discovery chain of hotels) who contributed P15 million, Antonio Cojuangco staff Antonio Samson (P12 million), former Procter and Gamble president Johni Cua (P12 million), East-West Bank president Antonio Moncupa (P2 million) and Phinma Properties Corp. president Willibado J. Uy (P1 million) also gave significant amounts. So did Belle Group’s Gregorio Yu (P5 million) and Manuel Gana (P5 million), whose company is among the corporate giants behind the multi-billion dollar Entertainment City project.

Up to 90% of the Akbayan group’s electoral funds were contributed by only more than 20 families or groups supportive of and currently benefiting from the Aquino regime. Thus, during the 2010 elections, Akbayan was able to flood television and radio stations with its expensive political advertisements.

The disclosure of information on Akbayan’s election funds has made it exceedingly clear to the people that this party is nothing but a big swindler pretending to be “Leftist” and a representative of the oppressed. It has also become quite obvious that Akbayan is on the payroll of Aquino and the big landlords and comprador bourgeosie to serve as an instrument to deceive the people and create the impression that Aquino enjoys “popular” support. Thus, during Akbayan’s assembly, no less than Aquino was invited as the main speaker. It was then that Aquino declared that his principles and those of Akbayan are one and the same.

Akbayan’s claims that it is a “socialist” group is pure hogwash in the face of its role as a blind supporter and apologist of Aquino. Because Aquino has it in his pocket, Akbayan has never expressed support for the struggle of the peasants for the free and immediate distribute of land at Hacienda Luisita which is owned by the Cojuangco-Aquino clan. In fact, Akbayan officers even reprimanded some individual members of the group who wanted to side with the Hacienda Luisita farmers.

Despite its claims of being a “democratic” organization, Akbayan has been silent in the face of the Aquino regime’s unbridled anti-democratic attacks against the people. How can Akbayan be expected to take a stand against the demolition of urban poor communities when it owes debts of gratitude to big businessmen who have had their eye on landholdings that they want “cleaned” of impoverished residents in order to give way to their projects under Aquino’s Public-Private Partnership (PPP) scheme?

Not a few Akbayan officers have been appointed by Aquino to various positions in his government to assist in hoodwinking the people. One of its ranking leaders, Loretta Ann Rosales now heads the Commission on Human Rights and has done nothing but shield the AFP from myriad cases of human rights violations. Like Aquino, Akbayan turns a deaf ear to the cries for justice from tens of thousands of victims of massacres, killings, illegal detention, torture, demolitions, beatings and other brutalities inflicted by armed agents of the state.

Aquino has likewise appointed Akbayan’s founder Joel Ro- camora as chair of the National Anti-Poverty Commission (NAPC). The NAPC’s only role has been to implement the World Bank-funded Conditional Cash Transfer program. Akba-yan is Aquino’s co-conspirator in deceiving the people into thinking that poverty can be resolved by giving small amounts of doleouts, despite the absence of genuine land reform or without raising the workers’ minimum wage.

Akbayan is an active partner in enforcing the Aquino regime’s Oplan Bayanihan war of suppression. Its officials are in cahoots with the AFP and various government agencies in suppressing the democratic mass movement and the people’s armed revolution. Akbayan uses progressive- or Leftist-sounding words to cover up the reactionary and fascist policies of the US-Aquino regime.

For the past two years under the US-Aquino regime, Akbayan has continually exposed itself as a puppet and mercenary of the ruling regime and the reactionary classes. Its true loyalty lies not with the people, but with its benefactors—the big landlords, comprador bourgeoisie, bureaucrat capitalists and US imperialism.