20141021pi 21 October 2014 Wakasan ang presensya at panghihimasok-militar ng US sa Pilipinas
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7 October 2014 Aquino clings to power like a leech amid mounting calls for his ouster

21 September 2014 Oppose emergency powers and Aquino's push for a second or extended term

7 September 2014 Further stoke the fires of armed struggle in the Visayas and the entire archipelago

21 August 2014 Wage all-out resistance against Aquino's cha-cha and term extension scheme

7 August 2014 Intensify tactical offensives and mass struggles to oust Aquino

21 July 2014 Intensify people's war nationwide!

7 July 2014 Hold Aquino and his co-conspirators accountable

21 June 2014 Junk CARP and build the revolutionary strength of the peasantry!

7 June 2014 Oust the regime that reeks of corruption!

21 May 2014 Wage mass struggles and guerrilla warfare to defeat the AFP’s campaign of suppression in Mindanao!

7 May 2014 Resist the EDCA!

23 April 2014 Confront Obama's visit and US military basing with protests!

21 April 2014 Drive out the fascists from Talaingod!

7 April 2014 The Tiamzons' arrest is a blow to the peace talks

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