20150221en 21 February 2015 Intensify people's struggles in the face of the US-Aquino regime's political crisis

7 February 2015 Hold the US and the Aquino regime accountable for the bloody battle at Mamasapano

21 January 2015 Dismantle and end privatization!

7 January 2015 Close ranks and mount protests to jolt the US-Aquino regime

26 December 2014 The tide of revolution rises in the Philippines as the chronic crisis of the ruling system worsens

21 December 2014 Resist the US' overweening arrogance under the VFA

7 December 2014 Intensify mass struggles against repression

21 November 2014 Youth, join the people's war!

7 November 2014 Intensify people's war in addressing the disastrous results of the typhoon and government corruption

21 October 2014 End US military presence and intervention in the Philippines

7 October 2014 Aquino clings to power like a leech amid mounting calls for his ouster

21 September 2014 Oppose emergency powers and Aquino's push for a second or extended term

7 September 2014 Further stoke the fires of armed struggle in the Visayas and the entire archipelago

21 August 2014 Wage all-out resistance against Aquino's cha-cha and term extension scheme

7 August 2014 Intensify tactical offensives and mass struggles to oust Aquino

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