20140421pi 21 April 2014 Palayasin ang mga pasista sa Talaingod
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7 April 2014 The Tiamzons' arrest is a blow to the peace talks

29 March 2014 Intensify the offensives to seize further initiative in advancing the people's war

21 March 2014 Celebrate the 45th anniversary of the NPA

7 March 2014 Block the US-Aquino regime's cha-cha scheme

21 February 2014 Make Aquino pay for the massive unemployment and poverty

7 February 2014 Unleash a surge of protest to call the US-Aquino regime to account

21 January 2014 Junk EPIRA and end the regime that is a bane to the people

7 January 2014 End Aquino's corrupt, puppet and brutal rule

26 December 2013 Advance the national-democratic revolution through people's war amid the worsening global and domestic crisis

21 December 2013 Celebrate 45 years of the CPP!

7 December 2013 Resist the mounting burdens being heaped on the shoulders of typhoon Yolanda victims

21 November 2013 Indict Aquino for criminal negligence and demand justice

7 November 2013 Repudiate the Lord of Thieves!

21 October 2013 Corruption weighs down on the peasant masses and must be eliminated

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