CPP 44th Anniversary Celebration in Northern Samar


Typhoon Quinta could stop about 3,000 people from attending the 44th anniversary of the reestablishment of the Communist Party of the Philippines last Dec. 26 in a remote location in Northern Samar. Some of those of who attended walked for as long as two days, climbing mountains and crossing flood-swollen rivers just to reach the celebration in time. Program organizers had to put up additional tents to accommodate throngs of guests who kept on arriving from nearby barrios and even from towns further away as the celebration went on amidst intermittent heavy rains from the afternoon of Dec. 26 to the early morning of Dec. 27.

The Rodante Urtal Command of the New People’s Army-Northern Samar assured all that apart from the company of the New People’s Army serving as the honor guard, security was being ensured by more Red fighters, units of the people’s militia and an extensive intelligence network. Any enemy offensive from the military and police would have been monitored and stopped several kilometers away.

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